In order to coordinate the efforts and health activities between the University of Hama and the Social Welfare Association, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties on Tuesday 21/5/2019

The memorandum included cooperation between the two parties in the implementation of the priorities and health policies taken by the University of Hama represented in the medical sector and hospitals under construction in addition to the provision of health facilities and training of the medical staff of the Assembly in the hospitals and medical centers of the University.

The University of Hama also undertakes to provide the necessary health services that are not available in the governorate free of charge and which threaten the lives of patients referred by the association through the educational hospital under construction according to the possibility available to the University of Hama.

In return, the Assembly shall provide the necessary facilities and coordination for the implementation of the activities agreed upon in this Memorandum.

Dr. Mohamed Ziad Sultan, President of the University of Hama, confirmed that this memorandum is a very important step in supporting the health sector and providing medical services for the families of martyrs, war wounded, the poor and guests of protectors coming from other governorates. The university provided all psychological services, counseling and cooperation in more than A special medical field that such associations have a relationship with international organizations and provide services to a very wide segment of society and I am very happy to sign this memorandum.

The President of the University expressed his thanks and respect to those who completed this memorandum and wished them success and wished them success.

Mr. Ziad Arabo, Chairman of the Association, said that the aim of the Association is to cooperate fully with the University to implement the plan of action studied by the University and various health projects to achieve justice standards and implement national health priorities and cover the areas most in need.

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Reeve Zeno