The aim of these two groups is to close the University's connection with all its components (scientific, research and training colleges and centers) and the industrial sector in order to serve the sustainable development process in the city of Hama.

Taking advantage of the scientific research at the university in order to serve the industrial development where the industrial and technical problems are identified by the Chamber of Industry to be the target of research projects for professors and postgraduate students in order to find scientific and practical solutions to serve the society and develop the industry.

 Raising the level of knowledge and scientific for workers in the industrial sector.

It also supported the practical side of the university students through the regular visits to the industrial sectors of the Chamber of Industry, and adopting the Chamber of Industry for some outstanding and creative students to develop their own skills inside and outside Syria that benefit the student, industrial and establishment.

Professor Mohamed Ziad Sultan, President of the University of Hama, expressed his happiness with this achievement, which is reflected in its objectives of achieving close interrelationship between the theoretical science provided by the university and the practical application in the industrial sector as a form of economic victory for the Syrian people.

On the other hand, the first beneficiary of this note is the student who is in the stages of his studies such as sponge  absorb all the information and able to turn it into a creative reality.

The President of the University expressed his thanks and respect to those who completed this memorandum and wished them success and wished them success.

For his part, Mr. Ziad Arabo, Chairman of the Chamber of Industry in Hama, stressed the keenness of the Chamber of Industry to conclude these agreements to contribute to the development of different experiences of the business and industry sectors.

In addition to the mutual desire of the University and the Chamber to achieve the highest level of scientific cooperation, research, training and development in the field of mutual development and qualification.

This memo is based on the strategy of the Hama Chamber of Industry in cooperation with universities in the fields of scientific, research and training to upgrade the industry, develop human resources and create job opportunities   for graduates.     


          Press office

          Reeve Zeno