Description for directorate: the Martyr Basil
Al-Assad University City at Hama University

The Martyr Basil Al-Assad University City in Hama

The directorate:

1.    Introduction to the directorate:

Hama's University City considered as public authority that have legal persons. It divided into three housing units (which specialized in setting up Hama's university students and the medium institutes' students that follows the ministry of high education at the government of Hama. It is have (restaurants, libraries, forums, and other facilities.

The University City also enjoys its independence financially, and administratively, qualified for contracting, accepting will and donation within the limits of the laws and regulations. Also, enjoys litigation, also as public authority, it has its independent, special budget which includes the imports, expenses is issued by special decision based on the suggestion of management board and the approval of the ministry of finance.

-         The University City administrated by:

1.    Management board that consist of:

·       University president Chairman of the council.

·       University vice president for students and administration vice president of the council.

·       University secretary member.

·       Director of University City member, and council secretary.

·       A representative of the national Syrian students union named by administration office  member.

·       Director of the financial affairs at University City member.

The Chairman of the council has the liberty to invite whomever he wish ,who have competence and experience at some topics that listed in the agenda of the council, to be part of the meeting as observers.

2.    The director of the University City.

2.    The sections of the directorate:

1.    The director of the University City.

The direct responsible of the University City staff, directing the University City privet business, and addressing the University presidency or any other administration, also directing the City employee works, and follow-up various works and events.

·       Associate director for students' affairs.

·       Associate director for female students' affairs.

·       Associate director for technical and services affairs.

2.    Workers affairs and general office division:

The responsible for all the University City employee résumés in addition to employee time control. In this office, they prepare and record incoming and outgoing books. It record the books originally and distribute it on the concerned employee. Also, the entrance of the reviewers to the director by this office.

3.    Computer section:

The concerned office in receiving the files of students' whom want accommodation in the university residence, where these files take serial numbers. The section also receives continuous applicants from the students' that resident at the university residence, and want to continue living at the residence the following year. The computer section is in charge of restriction of financial fines value, which traced to any student in case it happened, and all clearances, for any student if he cleared himself financially, signed from this section. In addition, the computer section issues the resident lists for the students', whom have the right in staying at the university resident, at the beginning of the year, according to the university resident own standards and depending on the university resident internal system.

4.    Salaries certified and students' fees:

He is in charge of preparation and processing of the university resident employee, and deliver them salaries at the beginning of every month. In addition to everything about the employee's rewards, financial discounts or additional quarters, and everything concerned the financial things. As for students' fees, the specialized certified organizes the students' financial receipts, which are certified by university resident inner system, from the students whom like to stay in the University City and completed their papers, and their names were listed in the resident lists, and the certified order receipts about the student's financial fines, also.

5.    Maintenance workshop:

Consists of the workshop headman, and workers at several specialties. This office is in charge of keeping up maintenances works at the University City, and follow up, suggest and execute any new works benefit the university resident, also. The student, in case of any malfunction, fill repairing request in his unit's supervisor, then the request transforms to the maintenance workshop headman where he sends the specialized worker to do the needed repair.

6.    Central warehouse keeper:

He receives the materials that belong to the University City in which includes maintenance, cleaning materials, stationary, and other materials, and secure it into its special warehouses. The central warehouseman receives and distribute these materials according to the legal assets.

7.    The residential unit supervisor:

Hama's university resident has three residential units, each one of these units has its own supervisor. The unit supervisor is responsible for following-up everything that matters his own unit from works, keeping up the unit's students, and reporting the management about all the matters of the unit.

8.    The residential unit receiver:

Every residential unit has one receiver; his job is, to give the students furniture that is specialized for the resident at the beginning of the school year, receive this furniture at the end of the school year according to the university resident inner system certified mechanism, also. He is the one who suggest fining the students in case the student's own delivered furniture has anything missing or broken. Unit receiver work on receiving the maintenance materials from the central warehouse keeper, and deliver it to the workshop workers legally and according to the student's applied repairing request, too.

9.    The nighty official:

He keep up the matters of the resident after the work official time until the following morning. He also avoid any malfunction which may happen at the time of his shift, and solve any problem may occur at the university resident campus. He works on reporting on everything happens to the university resident management in official report.

10.           The alternate guard:

The responsibility of the guards is to control the university resident main gate, the residential unit's doors, and open, lock these doors in the specific time. The guards do not allow any person or bags to enter the resident's campus only within the regulation and laws followed in the university resident. They report in about any violations or suspected seeing to the university resident management or specialized authority if it is necessary.

3.    The directory committee:

·       The purchasing committee.

·       The adjusting and installing committee.

·       The specification committee.

·       The destruction committee.

·       The inventory committee.

4.    The functions of the directorate:

·       Register for the students whom would like to stay in the resident according to the university resident special and specified standards.

·       Securing the deferent services for living students at the University City.

·       Work on solving any problem happen between the students in the university resident.

·       Addressing Hama's University Presidentially to keep securing what the resident needs for serving the living students.