Description for Directorate of the graduate and the scientific Research


Directorate of the Graduate and the Scientific Research


The Directorate concerns with all related works for the postgraduate, habilitation and specialization students and the diploma of the educational qualification, and the scientific Researches.

It is following up and carrying out all required works related to postgraduate student matters: Deletion and cancellation of registration, registration of Doctorate dissertation, registration of Master dissertation, constitution of referees committees on a Doctorate and Master dissertation, granting the Doctorate and Master degree. And follow-up all the work related to the scientific research of the faculty members and the technical members: registration of scientific research, extension of the registration period, the completion of scientific research.


1.      Department of graduate studies

2.      Department of scientific research



1.      Announcement for Mofadalat for the postgraduate studies, the Diploma of the Habilitation and Specialization, and Diploma of the Educational Qualification and follow up it.

2.      Check the received submitted applications for the announcement for Mofadalat to assure that they meet the required conditions.

3.      Check documents related to registration, constituting the committees of referees,  granting the degrees of master's and doctorate and diploma qualification and specialization, and the educational qualification.

4.      Preparing the decisions of the university council for granting the master and doctorate degree, and the educational qualification diploma.

5.      General services for postgraduate students and answer their queries, and preparing the requests submitted by the postgraduate students to get the approval from the President of the University.

6.      sending the granted degrees decisions of  Master and Doctorate to the concerned authorities.

7.      keeping tables for the presence of the postgraduate students in the colleges of the University of Hama.                                      

8.      Check the papers for the registration and completion of scientific researches for the faculty members and the technical members in the faculties at the University of Hama, whether these researches are registered or unregistered.

9.      Preparing the books for the accreditation of the unregistered scientific researches for the faculty members and the technical members to benefit from in the university institution.

10.  Supervising the registration of titles of the scientific researches and the names of the research teams in their own files, as well as, the topics of Doctorate and Master dissertation

11.  Participating in the study of the required scientific research requirements from the colleges and the statement of opinion therein.

12.  Participating in the supervising on the preparation of the necessary plans for distribution of imports and expenditures of scientific research

13.   Corresponding to the faculties of the university to submit to us the decisions of its councils to adopt the research plan for each year.

14.  Working on filling the forms of the annual national report of the scientific research of the higher education system of the University of Hama and submitted to the Supreme Commission of the Scientific Research in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.