Description for Directorate of  Personnel Affairs

and Administrative Affairs


Directorate of Personnel Affairs and Administrative Affairs


Directorate of community administration. It concerns  with personnel and all related affairs and the administration affairs in the university.


1.      Department of scientific personnel and the laboratory members, and includes the following sections:

·         Faculty Members Affairs.

·         Teachers Affairs in the Ministry of High Education, and the contractor Lecturers.

·         Technical and Laboratory Members Affairs.

·         Teaching Assistant Affairs.

2.      Department of Personnel, and includes the following sections:

·         Administrative and Technical Personnel.

·         Ordinary and Occupational Personnel.

·         Personnel Welfare.

·         Administrative Development.

3.      Department of Central Diwan, and includes the following sections:

·         Correspondence

·         Copy and depiction

·         Archives

4.      Department of transport, and includes the following sections:

·         Transportations and Movement

·         Fuels Accounting


1.      Carrying out all required works for organizing the functional affairs related to the scientific and laboratory members, and the personnel at the university. 

2.      Carrying out all contracting procedures with experts and the scientific personnel, and other works that related to the work and employment contracts.

3.      Organizing and preparing the competitions and the necessary tests for employing at the university. 

4.      Carrying out the necessary procedures for Assigning, and upgrading , …etc. in addition to, preparing the various writings that related to the personnel at the university.

5.      Preparing all administrative writings that related to onus the lecturers, the contractors, and the supervisors on the applied sides, and granting the recompenses and rewards, and others.  

6.      Carrying out the Diwan works in the central administration at the university, especially those works that related to the correspondence issued by the university administration, and the correspondence that  are incoming to the university , in terms of receiving, distribution , and keeping the  necessary files, and keeping the copies of the issued correspondence, in addition to, supervision on the works of copying at the university.

7.      Organizing the health care for the university employees.

8.      Organizing the works of the university transportations, their movements, controlling their consumptions of fuels and oils, in addition to, insurance the regular  and the casual maintenance , and keeping the related documents.

9.      Qualification of the administrative employees, enriching their knowledge, developing the systems, and the work procedures, redeveloping the administrative instruments by carrying out courses and seminars, and preparing the necessary programs for this purpose , which help raise the performance and increase the productivity.