Description for Directorate of  Scientific Allocation

Scientific Allocation                                                         


1-Following up the conditions of teaching and technical body at the colleges of Hama University .                                                                                                        

2-Following up the professional work units and profession practice in the faculties of the university.                                              

3-Following up the conditions of Scientific Allocation of teaching and technical body at the faculties of the university. 


1-Department of Scientific Allocation.

2-Department of Allocation Accounting.




1-Checking the scientific Allocation reports received from the university faculties in preparation for submission to the allocation committee.                                                                       

2-Checking the allocation forms of teaching and technical body related to teaching in public and private universities.

3- To implement the decisions of the Council of Higher education, the council of the University and the council of Professional work related to the Scientific allocation.

4-Supervising the organization of exchange and liquidation orders, checks and bank transfers to withdraw from the budget funds entering for scientific allocation and keeping accounting entries for the budget.                                                                     

5-Organizing the minutes of meeting of scientific allocation committee and following up the implementation of the decisions issued by the committee.

6-Oversee the inventory of the assets of the professional   work units and     prepare the final consolidated accounts and submit them to the presidency of the university on time.

7-Preparing the annual report on the various activities of        professional and allocation work units and submitting it to the university presidency.                                                                        

8-Following up the collection of university`s share of the units and allocation, prepare the lists and distribute the shares of scientific allocation.

9-Checking the contracts of units or allocation in preparation for adoption and ratification by presidency of the university.