Description for Directorate of Readiness


Directorate of Readiness


The Office's vision of reaching the university to a high level of security awareness whether it is at the level of students or university staff at all their job classification, protecting university facilities and students from security and evicting them from facilities in the event of any disaster..



·         Head of Readiness Directorate

·         Assistant Head of Directorate

·         Security Officer

·         The liaison officer

·         Computer investor number   

·         Documenting and archiving agent

·         driver service car for the readiness directorate



·         Implementation of its readiness plan

·         readiness of the shelters and shelters in public and private universities

·         Evacuation of the mechanisms and publication in a nearby location

·         Checking the University's plan to use the university cities when necessary to use them as field surveys to assist the injured and the gathering centers (reserve - shelter)

·         Auditing the university plan in the utilization of students in recent years in the faculties of (medicine - pharmacy - medical institutes) and their prediction in hospitals, clinics and private and public health centers in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Department of Medical Services