Description for Directorate of  Financial Affairs


Financial Affairs


Its work is related to the financial and accounting matters in the University.


1.      Department of salaries ,wages and compensation.

2.      Department of balances and expenses

3.      Treasury Department

4.      Self-Pleasures Department.


1.      Preparing regular and investment projects in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

2.      Control and audit of financial business from revenues and expenses.

3.      Marking the instruments of the expenses contract  before signing.

4.      To carry out the liquidation of expenses and the preparation of disbursement orders for this purpose and the maintenance of the accounts of budget appropriations, expenses incurred, disbursement orders issued and disbursements, payroll and compensation books.

5.      Preparing necessary funds to finance the University according to Assets assessed to cover the different kinds of expenses.

6.      Manage the accounts of advances, trusts and revenues and transfer all amounts to their destinations and foiiow up the collection of university financial rights.

7.      To carry out Treasury Functions within the limits concerned with arrest and disbursement.

8.      Prepare all monthly data related to revenues and expenses and submit them to Ministry of Finance.

9.      Doing the Procedures of  the envoys  benefits conversion by foreign exchange and follow it .