Description for  Directorate of Engineering Affairs and Services


Engineering Affairs and Services


Directorate of Engineering Affairs and services in the Central Administration building at the University of Hama is responsible for carrying out all engineering studies and rehabilitation work and superving the implementation of works according to the need of colleges and directorates


1-      Engineering Department: includes the following divisions: Planning Division, Studies Division, Audit Division, Construction Contracts Division, Supervision Division, Procurement Division and Division for the Conservation of Schemes and Documents.

2-      Services Department: includes the following divisions: Garding Division, cleaning Division and Telephone Division.

3-      Maintenance Department: includes the following divisions: Civil and Architectural Maintenance division, Health and Environmental Maintenance Division, Mechanical Maintenance Division, Electrical and Electronic Maintenance Division, workshop Division and Maintenance Accounting Division.

4-      Department of cafeterias, restaurants and sales centers: includes the accounting division and the store secretary.




1-       Carry out all engineering studies, including the various rehabilitation works and supervision of the implementation according to the need of colleges and directorates at the University of Hama.

2-       The civil and architectural studies include construction, plumbing, sanitary works, re-distribution of spaces, provision of administrative and teaching furniture, provision of teaching facilities for laboratories and halls, and maintenance procedures according to the requests of the  faculties.

3-       Electrical studies include all lighting and electrical networks and the provision of different electrical appliances according to need of the faculting.

4-       Mechanical studies include everything related to heating and air conditioning including heated, boilers, burners, air conditioners, generating sets and pumps.