Description for Directorate of Administrative Development


Directorate of Administrative Development




An administrative  directorate concerned with studying the reality of the public sector and diagnosing it to develop programs and development plans. It works on planning, training and motivating human resources in order to raise performance levels and increase productivity.




The Directorate of Administrative Development comprises the following departments:

1. Department of Human Development.

2. Department of Administrative and Institutional Development.

3. Department of Information Technology.



The Directorate shall perform the following tasks:

1.      Work on developing an analytical framework for the administrative reality and an executive framework for mechanisms to promote this reality in coordination and follow-up with the Ministry of Development.

2.      To propose and follow up the implementation of the short-term and long-term programs for administrative development in the updated body in coordination and follow-up with the Ministry of Development.

3.      Develop and develop human resources and prepare management systems and improve performance and productivity.

4.      Developing and using information technology and simplifying procedures through activating the e-government project.

5.      Proposing the modernization of labor legislation and workers to cope with the ambitions and horizons of the contemporary stage.

6.      Preparing specialized studies and researches, facilitating the work of scholars, and cooperating with various scientific and research bodies to develop administrative research mechanisms for the benefit of the public sector.

7.      Disseminate administrative knowledge and raise awareness of administrative development.

8.      Test a pilot project for administrative development in the public sector.