Investigation logo (linked to the University community) held forums productivity at the University of Hama  for 2019 in the period between 2019/7/6 until 2019/7/11 participation  / 7 / colleges are: (dentistry - veterinary medicine - pharmacy - human medicine –  agricultural engineering - architecture - applied), and is raising level up scientific and  practical for students participants target of an important for these meetings where the  most of students the next two to graduate of the year the fourth or fifth and thus the  participating in activities and events daily for these forums are the value-added to them and  earn them  experience good in the field of their specialty.

  College  of dentistry:

join forum productive the college of dentistry / 240 / students, / 152 / student of them resident at the University city, and / 93 / student administrative. Have been distributed  to / 15 / group work (reception - diagnosis - Therapeutics extractions – endodontic -diseases weave supportive - the province - sterilization - Rays and other groups.)

 The working group of state visit to the centers of residence temporary in the province and survey diagnostic and give the patient's card to review and clinics forum in the college  of dentistry and implementation of appropriate treatment.

There is a private for visiting the salamya, and countryside , as well as the clinic Sunny mobile that specializes in processing cases with the martyrs and injuries war in the countryside West province Hama .

It also is raise awareness of the health of citizens target no matter how for staff forum productive seeks to the achieved.

The college of applied:

 in college of applied the number of students participants (43) students (20) student of the Department of techniques computer, and (23) student of the Department of nutrition electric.

 Began students Department of nutrition electrical training on collection and installation of electronic items on borders, in addition to work on the design of circuits electronic using egale, as they have a trip scientific exploratory to production lines in the lab khallouf collect cars.

The Department of techniques computer has worked students on programming segments Arduino, and work on arrived computer networks and management, the presence of lecture scientific talking about techniques communication explains the latest techniques to contact and arrived network protocols and communication currently in use.

College of agricultural engineering:

 number of students participating / 83 / than sections animal production and economics agricultural achieved the forum productive the college of agricultural engineering an opportunity to academic important for students see through practice, produce and manufacturing feed and also check the Laboratories competent and its  equipment  and how to make experiments research.

Contributing in promoting information theory and interest process specialized. Participants in the forum field visits for several sites including: arc in (Holy - peaceful) in order to check the unit culture barley and methods hydroponics and milking mechanism for the unity of the production of biogas.

Visit laboratory feed and domesticated  in the countryside salamya visit the college of veterinary medicine at the University of protectors for the laboratory animal production laboratory fish farming diseases laboratory gallery of Anatomy descriptive and visiting  the college barns ,the horse breeding  barns and the small animals  clinic .

College of architecture:

 the distribution of the students of participants to (6) groups: (4) groups assigned to lift the bathroom archaeological in the city of salamya and note theory about the bathroom,its history,  sections, and took over the two groups task completion anthropomorphic  schematic city of Salamya.

 Gave a staff of the Directorate effects explanation explanation for students during their visit to about sections of the bathroom and its divisions internal and external be able of sketch charts the architectural imaginary  the bathroom.

It has a group of students develop and draw charts architectural and detailed on your computer, while the second set restoration  processing parts charts three-dimensional for schematic  planning fact current times for salamya.

 Faculty of veterinary medicine: the number of students participating in the forum / 170 / students. Included events forum provide medical services veterinary livestock's citizens in the area Masyaf and the number of cases therapeutic / 150 / case distributed between (surgery – esoteric  common - bird was visiting / 15 / Homogeneous  in the region). earned this field visits work experience for students through the diagnosis of field and clinical diagno cases.

 It also has a number of companies drugs veterinary of them (company the light of drugs veterinary as well as the company farabi - company acico - company Safco  ) , Duskal visit the site forum the meeting with students and explain some information concerning how description drugs and their uses.

Faculty of medicine school of pharmacy:

 take part in the forum college of medicine / 18 / student, and / 15 / of the faculty of pharmacy and supervision to provide medical services of a preview of treatment for / 242 / case of citizens included (cases of diabetes and blood pressure and injuries joints.)

The disk and The tours are made to areas with no health centers with a focus on visit patients from -war wounded  and those martyrs in their homes and health care for them with the introduction of medicines for free by pharmacy students, faculty of pharmacy.

For the students were forum of medical experience of the process of a real practice of medicine from taking the history of the situation and ending a description of treatment under the supervision of doctors of health centers in the region.

As for students and faculty of pharmacy, it has the form of the forum practical experience is good for them where giving them the opportunity to practice profession pharmacy in the fields in particular the organization of drugs and disbursement recipe liberated by students, faculty of medicine under the supervision of physicians who's.

It was the forum Echo very positive between parents as expressed his Excellency large and demanded to extend the duration of the forum to cover the slice larger than the injured.


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