The integrated role of the higher education and education sectors in achieving human development, human development, developing the quality of university outputs, activating the participation of universities in economic and scientific development, reconstruction and leading scientific research through systematic and studied steps in the short, medium and long term. Government universities.

The meeting concluded with a package of measures to bring about a shift at the university level to overcome the changes imposed by the war in the field of human development and improve the quality of education.

The steps focused on revising the legislation governing the higher education sector, developing the structural and administrative structure of its components, developing the work of the Higher Education Council, and setting a vision for optimizing the infrastructure and human resources and eliminating obstacles to organizing and developing the scientific research system.

With regard to executive procedures, emphasis has been placed on developing the technical and managerial skills of those in the higher education sector to be the highest indicators and setting specific criteria for selecting the most efficient administrative and scientific joints in universities, enhancing communication between departments and lower levels of work and participation in decision-making.

The study of the reality of private universities and the steps needed to be a scientific, economic and cultural lever, the need to develop university absorption policy, strengthen the relationship between public universities, simplify the procedures related to students, restore human cadres in administrative and educational fields,

 Eng. Khamis stressed the importance of the education sectors to make a positive leap in human development and human development structure to be better indicators than before the war to ensure continued steadfastness and the promotion of victory and reconstruction, adding that all institutions and parties concerned to develop the mechanism of action and solidarity to address the developments of war on all sectors.

For his part, the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Bassam Ibrahim said that the ministry has developed an executive plan and matrix for the development of the education system according to a three-year program. The presidents of the universities were requested to develop scientific research and 2 billion pounds were allocated to universities to develop the infrastructure of the laboratories and the means of technical education. Universities.

He added that clear criteria have been set for equalization of opportunities in the doctoral stage, and there has been no increase in fees in private and public higher education. Several legislation has been passed in support of the educational process and simplification of procedures for students. Million treatment services last year and spent / 42 billion pounds in this field.

 The proposals focused on the importance of harmonizing the outputs of higher education with the requirements of development, reviewing the policy of assimilation, university acceptance and development, the independence of universities, the integration of public and private education, linking education with new specialties, how to invest human capital in an optimal manner, updating educational curricula and university courses and expanding the translation of scientific references and books. In addition to conducting public opinion studies, developing technological institutes, improving the reality of university cities, and expanding the colleges' colleges.

 The meeting was attended by the Minister of Education, the Chairman of the Planning and International Cooperation Authority, the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Presidents of Damascus, Aleppo, Tishreen ,  Al-Baath, Tartous, Hama and Al-Furat Universities and Virtual university director.


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