In the presence of the Secretary of the Ba'ath party branch, Ashraf Bashouri and the Governor of Hama, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hazouri, and the President of the University of Hama, Dr. Mohammad Ziyad Sultan, the Virtual Pharmacy was inaugurated today at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Hama University, which aims to train and prepare graduates of qualified pharmacists  ... 

 Dr. Shailan Qattan, Dean of the College, said that the new pharmacy, in cooperation with a number of pharmaceutical companies in Syria, is concerned with the practical and practical training of pharmacy students in the college with a minimum of 500 hours as a prerequisite for their graduation. With the latest types of drugs produced by these companies with coordination of the old varieties and noted in cooperation with the Pharmacists Syndicate in the field of assigning pharmacists with the experience and efficiency to train the students of the college according to practical sessions and an integrated study plan within the virtual pharmacy, To work properly, and the pharmacist that achieves the required community service.

Dr. Nozet Bakour, supervisor of the establishment of the pharmacy, pointed out that the purpose of the pharmacy is purely educational. The focus of the study and training is on the development of pharmacological knowledge and the ideal behavior and skill in dispensing medicine and advising the patient that the study is systematic under the supervision of practicing pharmacists and professionals with qualifying students Pharmaceuticals, practice and ethics, and to require them to apply pharmaceutical additives in early years to integrate science into the labor market.

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