On Sunday 21/7/2019, the meeting of the Technical Education Council in Hama Governorate was held at the headquarters of the University of Hama. Members of the Council discussed the agenda including issues affecting the technical institutes' difficulties in various administrative, legal, financial and field work fields for graduates and their fields.

In his speech, Dr. Kangoo kangoo, the President of the Council, spoke about the importance of drawing up technical education policies in the Central Region in a manner that ensures appropriate solutions to the gaps and obstacles to technical education in the institutes. He added that the Council's aim is to raise the proposals for decisions to the Supreme Council for Technical Education in the Ministry of Higher Education to legislate the demands of the institutes according to their needs, within the strategy adopted to pay the technical education as it should.

Dr. Kangoo also praised Law No. 18 of 2019 issued by President Bashar Al-Assad, which includes:

) 5 % of the first graduates of the Syrians and the like may be appointed in each institute, department or specialty that grants a degree of technical diploma in the public bodies in each academic year without a declaration or competition if the following conditions are met: - The Institute shall be affiliated to the Supreme Council for Technical Education - Not less than the average of the graduate is good - the need to be recognized by one of the public bodies(

Dr. Kangoo stressed the need to prepare detailed studies on all proposals with clarifying the justifications of these demands.

Important points discussed include:

Proposed opening of new terms of reference at the Technical Institute for Emergency Medical Services at the University of Hama (industrial parties - anesthesia and resuscitation - optician technician - sound technician - emergency medicine) with a proposal to change the name of the Institute to the Institute of Medical Technology. In order to meet the needs of the community of professionals has become an urgent necessity.

Propose the establishment of professional work units in institutes that have the potential to do so. After the formation of a committee in the Technical Education Council, the necessary legal and financial study is carried out to be attached to the proposal.

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